creative ui designer
I help people and brands reach their goals by designing & building user-centric digital products and interactive experiences. Designer with strong passion of illustration.
featured works
Here are presented my last works, that I'm proud of. But I think, the best way to check
my skills – is to give me some test task.
SYNT music concept
Website design for a fashion designer
Design of a mobile application for reading and listening to books – Youbook.
Elwing skateboard
Californian bad guys, from the 70s, laid the foundation for new extreme kind of sport, skateboarding, which soon became a generation symbol of culture. The task to demonstrate the product in a similar spirit to a young target audience, create a hooligan mood for skating, emphasizing graffiti, which is an integral part of the underground culture and urban lifestyle. The goal is inspired to purchase products for new emotions and experiences.
A real estate project focused on providing users with a choice for booking real estate with a full description and presentation.
Nowadays, not an easy time for our favourite restaurants, cafes, pubs. Let's support delivery service and make your mood and feel better.
hello, I'm Alina
My name is Alina, I'm a designer. I really like convenient design, creativity, create illustrations. I want to make projects that will win at Awwwards and always move forward. I dream of a cool team where you can create cool projects and feel free.
It would be great if there was an experienced art director nearby who would instruct, teach and help grow. In exchange, I am ready to constantly learn, develop and do my best to be proud of our work. If you need a young, but very hungry designer – write to me or let's talk to Zoom.
my story
Studyed at the Lviv National academy of Art
We did everything, from painting naked models with oil paints to creating websites. The studied here made it possible to try myself in all areas of graphic design, to understand that I want to work as a web designer.
My first steps
as UI/UX designer
I was working with freelance projects. But, I decided to go to the office and try to find my first job in IT. It was difficult without experience work in the team and web projects in portfolio, but I did it.
Working at
I experienced teamwork. We created emphasis on functionality and understanding of project development, for which I create a convenient design. Worked with government projects.
Open to new projects and opportunities.
what I do
User interface,
Competitors Analysis,
Prototyping, Usability Testing,
Interaction Design, CJM, Brainstorm, User scenarios..
User Interface Design,
Visual Identities, Visual Design,
Responsive design, Design Systems, Brand guidelines
Creative Illustration
Interesting illustration which add more expressiveness and emphasize individuality.
Create icons.
tools I'm using
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD
Adobe InDesign
God damn, I'm trying!
a few things
clients ask me
Where are you based now?
I'm based in Lviv. 🦁
Do you work remotely or office?
I have experience in the office and it impresses me great teamwork. I can also work remotely, I feel comfortable. 💻
Are we going to have daily calls?
Some clients prefer to have daily calls, others weekly meetings. The important thing is that you feel comfortable with the way we work together. ☎️
Are you private entrepreneur?
Yes, I have Ukrainian FOP. And I can officially work on freelance and companies as a contractor or employee. 💼
What do you think about time zones? It's ok for you?
Yes. Around 60% of my clients are from another time zone, so I'm very used to working with teams that are in different time-zones than mine. I'm happy to adapt.💤
let's have a call in zoom?
Or you can write me on mail or messenger.
+380 98 210 27 32
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